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My system was to acquire them, while carrying out this service, taught the latest and very best ways of labour, to ensure that The college wouldn't only get the good thing about their endeavours, but the students them selves could be taught to find out not simply utility in labour, but attractiveness and dignity; can be taught, in truth, ways to raise labour up from mere drudgery and toil, and would learn to adore get the job done for its very own sake.

functionality, function, work, operate, go - complete as envisioned when applied; "The washing machine will never go Unless of course It is really plugged in"; "Does this old car nonetheless run effectively?"; "This aged radio doesn't operate any longer"

2a : practical labor that doesn't produce a tangible commodity —commonly Employed in pl. payment for services rendered

individuals in search of out-of-print guides. Adjective invested his time in the army as being a correspondent for service

2. an structured process of labour and content aids employed to produce the requires of the public: phone service; bus service.

to try and do sth/sb a service you've finished me a great service → me ha hecho un gran favor, me ha sido de Substantiallyísima ayuda

naval forces, navy - an organization of military vessels belonging to a country and readily available for sea warfare

employment, work - the profession for which you will be paid out; "he is looking for work"; "loads of folks are out of labor"

a. Get the job done that's finished for Other people being an occupation or enterprise: has performed service for us as being a guide.

the overall performance of responsibilities or perhaps the duties performed as or by a off page seo waiter or servant; profession or employment like a waiter or servant.

business - an institution established to carry out organization; "he only invests in big perfectly-recognized firms"; "he begun the corporation in his garage"

vt vehicle, machine → warten; to send out an automobile to be serviced → ein Auto warten lassen; (key service) → ein Auto zur Inspektion geben

Military, ground forces, standard army - a long lasting Corporation in the military services land forces of the nation or point out

→ kann ich Ihnen behilflich sein?; from service → außer Betrieb; to wish the services of a lawyer → einen Anwalt brauchen, einen Anwalt zuziehen müssen

They can be trying to preserve important services → están intentando mantener en funcionamiento los servicios mínimos

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